100% biodegradable MATER-BI film.
Organizations today are more worried about how they are influencing the earth with their activities. Compostable mailing bags give an alternative that permits organizations to pick a more sustainable choice for their business. These packs are produced using bio-resin that will break down in time, so it doesn't sit in a landfill forever. It is an ideal option in contrast to plastic bags.
Compostable mailing bags are as solid as standard plastic packs, so you don't need to stress over whether your substance are going to make it to their objective.
MATER-BI’s biodegradability and compostability properties and its high content of renewable raw materials allow optimal organic waste management, reduce the environmental impact and contribute to the development of virtuous systems, with significant advantages throughout the entire production-consumption-disposal cycle.
You can watch a video to see the way it works: