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Shipping packaging is expensive and wasteful, therefore we offer you patented returnable mailing bags  that save money, time and environment.

Not only the bags are made of recycled polyethylene, but they are also upgraded with twofold glue lines and tear off strip for easy opening, which will make it exceptionally straightforward for returnable things. 

These bags will also take stamps, address labels and other stickers that you may require to place on the bag.

Please check out our video to see how easy it is.



100% biodegradable MATER-BI film.

Organizations today are more worried about how they are influencing the earth with their activities. Compostable mailing bags give an alternative that permits organizations to pick a more sustainable choice for their business. These packs are produced using bio-resin that will break down in time, so it doesn't sit in a landfill forever. It is an ideal option in contrast to plastic bags.

Compostable mailing bags are as solid as standard plastic packs, so you don't need to stress over whether your substance are going to make it to their objective.

MATER-BI’s biodegradability and compostability properties and its high content of renewable raw materials allow optimal organic waste management, reduce the environmental impact and contribute to the development of virtuous systems, with significant advantages throughout the entire production - consumption - disposal cycle.

You can watch a video to see the way it works:


Eco friendly


Become a part of green movement!
Our bags are made of recycled polyethylene and verified by either I’m green or The Blue Angel – we offer renewable resources that make a significant contribution to reducing the level of greenhouse gas emissions throughout the chain. Green Polyethylene is a sustainable option in contrast to Polyethylene, a thermoplastic resin largely used for packaging in consumer goods industries, such as food and beverage, cleaning and personal care products, toys, etc.
At the end of its lifespan, Green Polyethylene can be recycled in the same chains already developed for conventional Polyethylene or organic recovery.
Please find the links about I'm green and The Blue Angel:

Business friendly

Ship your valuables with confidence and feel secure that they will get to the destination protected.

When choosing mailing bags, you want to make sure that they are durable enough to safely ship the contents. There are various shapes and sizes to accommodate the shipping of a wide range of contents, this is why we strive to offer exceptional service in helping you meeting your needs - barcodes, numberings, strong adhesive line.

We believe we stand out from the crowd not only because of the list of sustainable products we offer, but also because we are:

  • happy client is our top priority;
  • experienced and trusted;
  • can always offer you best prices for stock products;
  • offer customised solutions;
  • easy to get in touch with!

Air Bubble


Bags made of air pocket wrap are waterproof and particularly useful for packing fragile things. The mailer's cushioning capacity offers ideal protection from scratches and bumps. 

Air bubble bags are available in different dimensions and and can be customised upon request.

Air bubble bags:


  • protect from bumps and scratches;

  • protect from dust and moisture;

  • hard-wearing and light-weight.